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Beginner Zulu Audio CD with booklet
The Learnzulu Beginner Zulu phrases & vocabulary compact disc with booklet: Duration: 80 minutes
This CD is aimed at the beginner level Zulu language learner. It contains useful everyday phrases for greeting, asking a name, asking an address and many more. It also has a handy pronunciation guide to assist with the pronunciation of the more difficult Zulu sounds, including the click sounds. A comprehensive vocabulary list helps with the memorization of the new words. Dialogues such as "at the petrol station" is also included as examples of real life speaking situations. A booklet, containing all the phrases, dialogues and vocabulary on the CD is included in the package.
This CD will play on any music CD player or computer with sound card, CD drive and speakers.

R 370.00 each - Quantity  

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Online Zulu Courses Online Zulu Course
Speak Zulu now with our online Zulu lessons. This comprehensive course incorporates the latest online technology including video, audio, word games, interactive exercises, a question and answer forum, word lists, pronunciation guide, online assessments, cultural insights and much more. This online Zulu course will take you to conversational level in twelve fun lessons. Study at your own pace and never miss a class.

This is what you will learn in the online Zulu lessons:
  • Learn to pronounce the Zulu sounds correctly (including the fun "click" sounds).
  • Know and use more than 300 useful everyday Zulu words.
  • Greet people correctly, ask names, addresses and use other general phrases.
  • Make polite requests (useful in the work environment).
  • Speak Zulu intelligently; create your own statements in the Present, Future and Past tenses.
  • Ask questions, using the Zulu words for "what, where, when, why".
  • Understand and apply the relevant cultural elements pertaining to daily communication.

Enrol now to get your password for six months unrestricted access. All you need is a computer with headset/speakers and internet.

R 1,200.00 each - Quantity  

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Zulu/English Dictionary
Compiled by G.R. Dent and Edited by C.L.S. Nyembezi, Published by Shuter and Shooter. It is a compact, pocket size dictionary perfect for beginner to advanced level students. The dictionary contains approximately 3500 Zulu words.  

R 220.00 each - Quantity  

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Learn Zulu Phrase Book
This pocket size (A6) book contains more than 700 useful Zulu phrases with English translations. The phrases are categorized into 32 everyday topics such as: Greeting, Home, Office, Shop, Restaurant, Telephone, Petrol station, Counting, Sports, Weather, Emergencies, Medical, Spiritual etc. An excellent pronunciation guide is included to assist in the correct pronunciation of the phrases. This phrase book is useful to business people, scholars, students, tourists and everybody who wants to communicate effectively in the biggest language in South Africa. Written by Sharl Henning.
R 220.00 each - Quantity  

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Learnzulu - Course Book for Beginners
The best way to learn Zulu without attending classes!

96 pages, A5 size text book,

This book consists of 12 lessons with exercises. The book will teach you how to create your own Zulu sentences in an easy to understand, step by step manner. The explanations are supported by plenty of practical exercises with questions and answers. Learn how to create:

  • Polite requests to individuals and groups. 
  • Statements in the present, future and past tenses. 
  • Singular and plural words. 
  • Questions

Also, learn how to address and greet individuals and groups.
Ask names and surnames.
Ask addresses.
Talk to people at the shop, restaurant, petrol station and on the telephone.

Learn more than 300 useful Zulu words. The book features an alphabetical word list.

The book also contains Zulu proverbs and sayings, the words to the song "Nkosi Sikelele iAfrika" and important notes about Zulu culture.

Enhance your learning experience! This manual can be used in conjunction with the Beginner Audio CD, Vocabulary Study Aid Software and Zulu/English Dictionary. Each lesson in the book makes reference to the relevant sections within the optional study material.

R 220.00 each - Quantity  

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Combo Special Offer - For Beginners
Buy the Zulu Course Book for Beginners plus all the supplementary products you could use with the book for a discounted price.

The package includes:
  1. The Course Book for Beginners
  2. Beginner audio CD 
  3. Zulu/English Dictionary
  4. Learn Zulu Phrase Book

R 790.00 per person - Quantity  

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Advanced Zulu Audio CD with booklet
The Learnzulu Advanced Zulu phrases & vocabulary compact disc with booklet: Duration: 80 minutes
The regular use of this CD will further improve the communication skills of the intermediate and advanced level learners. This is done through Zulu speakers performing a number of dialogues, monologues and short stories covering a wide range of topics. A new word list is also included. A booklet, containing the full content of the CD is included in the package.
This CD will play on any music CD player or computer with sound card, CD drive and speakers.
R 370.00 each - Quantity  

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Tutored Beginner Zulu speech course
The Beginner Zulu course is designed to enable students to communicate effectively on a basic conversational level. The curriculum includes the correct pronunciation of Zulu sounds, useful vocabulary and phrases, greetings, singular and plural words, making of requests and statements, asking of questions, Zulu customs and culture. The course incorporates various teaching techniques ensuring a stimulating and rewarding experience for delegates. Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete our courses.

Classes: 12 x 2 hour sessions (One night per week) 
Course Duration: 12 weeks
Starting Date: 8 September 2015
Lesson Times: 18:30 - 20:30.
Venue: Randburg.

R 4,500.00 per person - Quantity  

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