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Self-study online Zulu Course

Special Offer

Pay Only: R2200


Access to the course for one year with online support.


FREE Zulu Phrase eBook

FREE Zulu Audiobook (Great to use in your car.)


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Online Zulu Course

Online Zulu Course Details:


The course is for beginners and teaches all the important phrases, words and language structures you need to communicate in a basic yet effective way during day to day interaction with Zulu speakers.

Self-study with online support:


This course is a self-study online course with video, audio and text tutorials. Study at your own pace and at your own convenience. Students can email us questions on the lesson content. There are no live video lessons with this course.

The course consists of 12 modules. Each module includes a word list, grammar lesson, exercises and cultural insights.


There is also a comprehensive word list with more than 350 Zulu/English words, a pronunciation guide and digital flash-cards for easy memorization.


Students can submit a final assessment at the end of lesson 12 to receive our Learn Zulu certificate.

Bonus course material includes two downloadable products:

1. Audiobook: Zulu Phrases & Vocabulary (Great to use in the car).

2. Ebook: 700 Zulu/English Phrases (PDF)

Please note:

You will receive access to the online Zulu lessons along with support by email for one year.

Upon us receiving your payment, we will email your log-in details. Please note that we set up your access manually. It could take up to 12 hours before you receive your login instructions, depending on your time zone.


The online course is best viewed on a desktop or laptop. It is however possible to view the course on a mobile phone or tablet.



Watch the 2 minute video below for a quick overview of the course.

The advantages of studying Zulu online



  • Start learning Zulu immediately.


  • You'll need a computer, headset/speakers and internet access.


  • Study when you want; in the comfort of your own home or office.


  • Never miss a class again; study anywhere in the world.


  • Email any questions to our Zulu language guru.


  • Don't spend time and money travelling to and from Zulu classes.


  • Study at your own pace and without competing with other students for time with the teacher.


  • Listen to the Zulu pronunciation and explanations over and over without holding up the class.


  • Have a lot of fun learning to speak Zulu.


  • Complete the course in your own time and then receive your “Learn Zulu” course certificate.

What you'll learn in the self-study online Zulu language course


  • Learn to pronounce the Zulu language sounds correctly (including the fun "click" sounds).


  • Know and use more than 300 useful everyday Zulu words.


  • Greet people correctly, ask names, addresses and use other general phrases.


  • Make friendly requests (useful in the work environment).


  • Speak Zulu intelligently; create your own statements in the Present, Future and Past tenses.


  • Ask questions, using the Zulu words for "what, where, when, why".


  • Understand and apply the relevant cultural elements pertaining to daily communication.

Online Zulu Course Special Offer

Pay Only: R2200


Access to the course for one year with online support.


FREE Zulu Phrase eBook

FREE Zulu Audiobook (Great to use in your car.)


Click on the "Pay Now" button to pay by Credit Card.

Online Zulu Course
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