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At Learn Zulu we specialize in Zulu language courses to adults wanting to learn isiZulu as a second language. 


We offer a self-study online Zulu course, a live Zulu tutor as well as a range of Zulu language learning products such as Zulu Audiobooks, a Zulu Phrases eBook and a Zulu Grammar eBook.


A diverse spectrum of people are trained by ourselves each year, ranging from individuals who want to empower themselves with new language skills, to corporate management and staff. 


Our corporate resumé includes companies such as LTA Building, ICL, Nampak, Toyota, SABC, FNB, Robor, the Democratic Alliance, De Beers and Robson-Savage to name a few. 


Zulu is the mother tongue of the majority of South Africans and is spoken by some 11 million people country wide. The Zulu language is also understood by Xhosa, Ndebele and Swazi speaking people. 


Our Zulu lessons are fun and practical, with the emphasis on speaking and understanding the language. African customs and culture form part of the program.

Course Developer & Zulu Tutor


Sharl Henning, owner of Learn Zulu obtained a BA Languages, BA Honours and a Masters degree in Zulu, graduating Cum Laude on all three degrees at the University of Johannesburg. He has more than twenty years' experience in training adults to speak Zulu as a second language. He also has a thorough knowledge and understanding of Zulu customs and culture.

Zulu Course Director and Tutor
Zulu Language Course Tutor

Zulu Tutor

Joe Vezi holds a B.Com (Law) degree from the UNISA and a B.Tech degree from the University of Johannesburg. He has more than twenty years' experience in education and training and was employed as a Senior Training Specialist. He has conducted numerous conversational Zulu and cultural diversity courses for corporate clients.

Joe is a Zulu mother tongue speaker and grew up in KwaZulu-Natal. He is a vibrant, approachable person who has a deep rooted passion for training and for the Zulu language.

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